At Akuna Skin, we are more than just a little bit Proudly Australian. 

We know that Australia has a unique and diverse range of plants and botanicals that have rich and powerful qualities. We want to harness the power of those ingredients and deliver effective and natural skincare that makes your skin healthy and happy and glowy all year round. 

Additionally, we are striving to bring sustainability to the Beauty Industry, as we believe in the power of Indie Beauty Brands to transform this space. We strive for locally sourced, ethically farmed ingredients, low-waste and zero plastic packaging wherever possible, and carbon-neutral shipping and manufacturing. We know this is very high standard we are striving to achieve, and we may not always have the perfect solution. We will strive to innovate and think outside the square whenever the occurs and we thank you for both challenging and supporting this. 


We want to let you know what we are all about, and invite you to come along for the ride!


We use high quality natural and organic ingredients in all of our products. We know the power of nature and want to bring to you and your skin all of the incredible benefits available. We are always striving to find unique and powerful Australian Hero Ingredients to introduce to you! We want to get you incredible results for your skin, in effective, natural, delicious formulas. Our batches are small and fresh, and we use natural preservatives and methods, with no unnecessary additives. Keeping it as pure and close to nature as possible!


We know that what you put on your skin is rapidly absorbed and can enter your body and blood stream. It is of the utmost importance to us that your health and wellbeing, and that of your family, is protected. We avoid all toxic and harmful chemicals in our formulas so you can be confident using them. We also believe in transparency of ingredients and helping our customers understand ingredients. NO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO SLS, NO Petro-chemicals ​


We strive to be sustainable in all aspects of our brand. We look for our ingredients to be organic, sustainably farmed and as local as possible to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our products. We are challenging the way we approach packaging our products and looking for plastic-free and re-usable solutions, as well as looking for re-fillable options. And of course where this has not yet been achieved, we use recycled and recyclable materials. We use carbon neutral shipping.


In addition to our continuing efforts in regards to sustainability within our brand, we also want to go further to promote and give back to our glorious country through charitable contributions and campaigns. We regularly sponsor environmental conservation causes, from restoring coral reefs, to rainforest protection and bush regeneration efforts. If you know of an organisation which is doing great things to support the protection and restoration of our Great Land, send us their details so that we can get involved! ​