“MIRACLEAR” Vitamin E Facial Oil


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A delicious combination of lightweight, quick absorbing oils to deeply nourish and repair your skin without leaving it greasy. High in Vitamin E, and fatty acids (the good kind!) this serum promotes skin repair and rejuvenation and tackles everything from reducing acne and scarring, to fine lines and sun-damage. It even soothes and nourishes dry, sensitive, itchy, flaky, skin including dermatitis and eczema .

Your skin will feel clear, soft, bright, and moisturised.

And, yes, that certainly does cover a lot! Now you know why we call it Miraclear!


Made from a nourishing combination of lightweight, quick absorbing oils, the “MIRACLEAR” Vitamin E Facial Oil is game-changer. It delivers high levels of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids (the good kind!) to your skin to nourish, restore and repair. Excellent to clear acne or breakouts, reduce irritation or dryness, prevent premature signs of ageing, and have overall happy, glowy, soft skin. Yep. Its pretty much a miracle.



If you are tackling acne and breakouts, this serum will moisturise and soften your skin without clogging your pores. It is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to soothe sore pimples. The oils also deliver nutrients straight to your skin to help your skin repair itself.


If you are working to reduce the signs of ageing, such as fine-lines and wrinkles, this oil promotes collagen production and your skins regenerative functions. You will find your skin to be softer and smoother, and overall moisturised.


If you want to soothe irritable, dry, sensitive, eczema and dermatitis prone skin, or you just want to achieve a healthy, moisturised, glow – this facial oil does all of this and more. Hence its name, “miraclear”


Facial Oils are becoming increasingly popular in the skincare community, and it’s now under why. Nature is filled with so many powerful ingredients from plants and flowers. Many natural oils contain high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty aids, which nourish your skin, moisturise, and give your skin the nutrients it needs to create a healthy skin barrier and plump, bright, skin.

As your skin naturally produces an oil called sebum, other oils are easily absorbed, sometimes even more readily than water based ingredients. Facials can therefore carry a high concentration of nutrients and deliver these deep into your skin, without dilution of water.

Simply apply two to three drops to your fingertips, and gently pat these onto your face. Make sure your face is well cleansed before hand to ensure maximum absorption. (We highly recommend using PURIFACE Volcanic Ash Cleanser Bar!)


Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils (lavender & lemongrass: less than 1%)


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