“VERY HANDY” Australian Made Hand Sanitiser 100mL


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Meet our very handy Australian made Hand Sanitiser! We make it with an 80% alcohol formulation (Bioethanol) as recommended by the World Health Organisation. In case you’re wondering, Bioethanol is an alcohol which is derived from plants. It is relatively clear and odourless and killsĀ 99.9% of germs!

We add Australian grown Organic Aloe Vera Juice for extra moisturising properties to protect and soothe your hands. Now you can sanitise to your hearts content without drying out those hands!

We source our ingredients from Australia. As a small Aussie business, we want to support other likeminded local small businesses and farms wherever possible.

Protect your health and your hands with Akuna’s “Very Handy” Australian Hand Sanitiser. Proudly Australian Made and owned, with natural and organic ingredients sourced locally. Formulated to effectively Sanitise and Moisturise (while also being Travel-Size!)



Produced in a liquid spray form, this little bottle packs a punch and will last a lot longer than a regular gel sanitiser from the grocery store. It’s made with 80% Bioethanol (a naturally plant derived disinfecting alcohol) per the World Health Organisations specifications. As you spray, the sanitiser will cover your hands and coats them to effectively kill 99% of all germs.


Now, we know we’ve all been hand-washing and sanitising on hyper-drive, and we don’t want to dry out our hands until they resemble your Great Aunt Roberta’s. And with the Aussie temperatures dropping our hands need extra moisture now more than ever. So we’ve taken action and added Australian grown organic Aloe Vera Juice to help moisturise and soothe your skin, while also reducing irritation. And we use the good stuff, not the powdered/reconstituted kind. Now you can sanitise to your hearts content and keep those digits pure and demure!


This little bottle is the perfect size for your handbag, or coat pocket, or glove box, or under you hat/beanie/hoodie. The perfect travelling companion.

For those moments between soapy hand washes when you need some urgent sanitisation. Think dodgey office elevators, that time you dropped your keys in the car park, that accidental high-five, and after flicking through the magazine at the cafe counter while waiting for your precious Take-away Flatty.


80% Bioethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (organic aloe vera) juice, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid


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